Panasonic AG-AC160 & AG-AC160A Repair

 repair_panasonic_ag_160_CameraPanasonic AG-AC160 Repair

Please note that this model and some other Panasonic models are not fully broken down into all parts by the manufacturer. Often you may have to buy an entire assembly if any part of the assembly is damaged. Any damage to the top case (about $875!), grip case (about $210!), right side case (about $580!), back case (about $282!), or viewfinder assembly (about $605) means you have to replace the entire part!! If you are lucky I will have some nice used parts from salvage cameras and can save you some serious money! Do you feel lucky?!! Well do ya?!!!

1) SD Card slot has card stuck in it or will not accept an SD card. This requires the removal and replacement of the SD card board. A new board is about $215 for the part. This is not broken down into individual parts!

2) Camera is dead, will not power on. Hopefully it is just a blown fuse. Sometimes the digital main board is bad. This board is almost $1700 so few people will pay for this repair. If I have a refurbished or used board I can discount it to about $850. Still too expensive for most people to pay for the repair. Of course if there is moisture exposure to your camera, any board, or multiple boards in the camera could be the problem! Not good for you or for me!

3) Microphone XLR inputs are noisy when XLR’s are wiggled. The XLR connectors are worn out. The XLR connectors can be replaced, thank God! The connectors are $50 each and $95 for labor to replace one or $175 to replace both. If the board is damaged from moisture exposure or impact, you must replace the entire top case! Unless I have salvage parts!

4) Headphone jack or camera remote focus/iris is dead, intremittent or has a headphone or other plug broken off in it. Replace the entire back case. Unless I have salvage parts!

5) Broken battery compartment. One or more tabs are broken on battery compartment and battery will not hold securely. Replace the entire back case. Unless I have salvage parts!

6) SDI, composite, or component video outputs are dead. Replace the entire back case. Unless I have salvage parts! Sometimes if you are lucky the latch for the ribbon cable is open and just needs to be closed on cable or the SDI cable has come off the connector. This is pretty rare though.

7) HDMI output or USB control is not working. Replace the entire back case. Unless I have salvage parts!

8) Camera side LCD is dead or intermittent. This could be as simple as replacing the LCD hinge (parts and labor $325). If the LCD is cracked it must be replaced. Part is about $575!!

9) Electronic viewfinder (EVF) is dead or has impact damage. Sorry, I cannot even begin to estimate this over the phone. There are almost 30 different parts to the viewfinder and only after I see the damage can I estimate it. Typical repairs are around $300 but can go much higher if the EVF LCD display is also damaged. I am still the best, the fastest, and the cheapest person you will find to do these repairs. Over 15 years experience doing them!!

10) Damage from impacts cannot be reliably estimated without seeing the camera!!

11) Damage from dust. sand, and moisture exposure to the camera cannot be estimated without seeing the camera!!

12) Front lens is scratched, pitted, jammed, dead, or whatever!! These lenses are sealed and greased and cannot be “cleaned”!!! This lens is only available as a complete assembly with the new camera!! What where they thinking?!! On rare occasions I can do a cash only deal for $2000 on a new lens installed and aligned. Used lenses do not exist!!

13) Camera shuts off by itself. This is the most common problem with this camera. Repair includes a new on-off switch, modification to the main board and a firmware upgrade. It is a big deal and requires complete dissassembly of the camera and a complete lens alignment. I charge $395 parts and labor. No one outside of SCE and the Panasonic factory have the parts and knowledge to do this repair correctly. Your camera will be back again in a month! It’s your choice. I warned you!!

14) Camera backfocus is poor. I charge $250 to do a complete lens alignment to factory specifications on your cameras. To do this you ned all of the factory jigs and factory software programs. Only SCE and the factory can do this right. I’m not lying!!

15) Front microphone case is popped out of housing in top case. If it is not too bad and the mic case is not damaged I can piece it together and pop it back again for $150. If the case is damaged, replace the entire top case!! Unless I have salvage parts!

16) Firmware updates. SCE highly recommends that you always install the latest firmware in your camera for optimum performance. Most common camera problems are solved by the factory with firmware updates. SCE installs the latest firmware in your camera at no charge as part of the service. We also perform a complete function check of the camera and clean it internally with air.

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